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Industry Expertise

Blue Signal employs expert recruiters that specialize in niche fields.  Our connections and knowledge of industry trends provide a unique advantage, knowing that you will have a personal agent keeping your professional progression in mind at all times.

Our developed relationships with key players in your field will ensure you get a personal introduction, presenting your strengths and experience directly to today’s leaders.

We help identify career opportunities otherwise not known.  Many of our searches are confidential and not public information.

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Dedicated Agent

We represent you!  From the initial introduction, to preparing for the interviewing process, to helping to negotiate the best financial package, our goal is to provide a better scenario for all parties while making sure we keep a candidate-focused model.  After all, clients hire us for the relationships and contacts we have in the field, referrals are our lifeblood.

We differentiate career opportunities for the ideal fit to your personal and professional career goals.

Our recruiters will obtain a comprehensive understanding of your past/recent background, skills, and accomplishments.  You will not have to be constantly updating your resume for fear of missing out.

Our team is highly trained and experienced in selling you as a solution to our client’s needs and aspirations.

We stay in touch well after helping you start your new career.  Our recruiters will be constantly checking in to see how everything is going, good and bad, to be certain your move was a great decision long term.  After all, most of our candidates turn into our future hiring managers.

Our availability is second to none.  Both candidates and hiring managers are given all contact info for our recruiters.  Our team is available to you 24/7, during holidays and weekends.


Woman working (2)We offer professional representation at all times. Sending a resume to a company without representation or communication can hurt your chances of success and you would likely be in a stack of hundreds of unqualified applicants.  You would also miss out on Blue Signal’s in-depth knowledge of the job, company, and hiring process.  Lastly, you may never hear back because it becomes very difficult for most companies to keep every applicant in the loop of status, recent changes, developments, etc.

When receiving the resume of a Blue Signal candidate, our clients gain access to a top performer in their field that they may otherwise not be able to attract.

We will never pressure you.  Know that it is our goal to provide you more options than you would otherwise have.


Blue Signal understands the best performers out there are great at their job and designated field.  They rarely are looking to make a change and thus may not be experienced interviewers.

Our recruiters provide coaching and feedback at all steps of the process so you will come across as attractive as possible to our clients.

We educate you thoroughly on the company, position, process, and people. You will go into interviews and meetings knowledgeable and ready to represent yourself in the most favorable light.

We give you direct feedback on your resume and interviews to help you along the way, and help you through resigning and dealing with difficult counter-offer negotiations.

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We require that clients and candidates alike sign confidentiality agreements.  We know in today’s electronic fast-paced marketplace that word travels fast and you must be protected.

If you are keeping options open, you can be certain that your Blue Signal representative will not discuss your confidential information without first gaining written authorization to do so.

You can also be certain that any client Blue Signal is representing you to has also signed a non-disclosure agreement.

We guarantee that working with Blue Signal is the best way to confidentially explore your options in professional progression without jeopardizing your current position and/or reputation in the industry.

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