Search Process

Blue Signal uses a highly targeted 10-step candidate search process to source, recruit, screen, interview, and place the best candidates in the industry. This search process consistently results in excellent hires for our hiring managers.

candidate search process - Initial Open Position Consultation Why is the job open? What are the key responsibilities? What are the necessary requirements? Where is the pressure to fill? Development of Message Discuss the current marketplace and evaluate the competitive landscape. What competitors should we target? Why should someone work for your company? Why would someone want this job? Review of Process and Timeline Review the applicant submission process. Review the standard organization procedures. Discuss dates and availability. Agree on date at which new candidate will be on board. Creation of Target Candidate List Utilize above consultation to generate competitor target list. Focus on those with the specific systems/skills/backgrounds. Utilize professional referrals, proprietary database, web 2.0 applications (ZoomInfo, Spoke, LinkedIn, etc.) industry publications and memberships to highlight specific candidates in our network. Send target list and enhanced description to hiring manager to be sure everyone is on the same page. Phone/Email Presentations (Initial Candidate Contact) Present highlights of client’s organization. Exploration of candidate's background and qualifications to determine suitability. Discuss candidate's aspirations, career goals, and drivers to discover if client's opportunity is a logical next step. Presentation of client’s opportunity if everything matches up. Confidential Candidate Reference Checks First hand accounts of candidate experience, skills, attitude and habits. Contacts include current and former employees, colleagues, and supervisors. Present specifics of position in question to each reference to ensure success. Creation of “Short List” / Determination of Search Viability Top candidate's credentials submitted to hiring authority. Conversation with client to review. Submit weekly progress reports to client so they are involved in the process. Coordination of Interview Process Pre-interview client consultation. Candidate preparation for interview. Coordination of travel and expenses for candidate. Candidate debrief post-interview. Client debrief post-interview. Candidate ranking and review with client. Recommendations to client for next interview procedures. Hiring Decision / Written Offer Consultation Industry analysis of competitive compensation packages. Candidate expectations and requirements clearly portrayed to hiring authority. Presentation and closing of offer to candidate of choice. Candidate Resignation Training & Counter Offer Consulting Review best practices in today’s marketplace for giving a professional resignation. Ongoing support with candidate during resignation and throughout 2 weeks’ notice. Review with candidate best practices in avoiding an uncomfortable counter offer from current employer. Relocation Information Assistance Cost of living adjustment information. Local school rankings and specialties. Referrals to temporary housing and house-hunting providers. On-going Employee/Client Support New hire transition coaching. Contact with candidate within first week of employment. Follow up contact with candidate and employer within first month of employment. Contact with candidate and employer for 1st year of employment.


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