Value-Added Services

Our recruiters at Blue Signal are highly trained in their specified fields to seek out desired talent and if appropriate, convey the career growth to such talent.  Listed below are additional recruiting services your Blue Signal recruiter can provide in addition to our standard search services.


Site Button - Job SearchJob Descriptions

>> Accurate, detailed job descriptions tailored to your individual needs.
>> Transparency and weekly updates on candidate pipeline
>> High visibility on top job boards and sourcing through networking


CSite Button - Compensationompensation Support

>> Develop competitive compensation packages
>> Real-time salary surveys for your target candidates
>> Insights on salaries, market trends, availability, and competitors.


Site ButtonTesting & Background Checks

>> Technical testing, behavioral, and personality assessments
>> W2 and employment verifications
>> Background checks, criminal history, credit reports, and drug testing
>> Reference checks


Site Button - Retention 2Retention

>> Full 1-year assistance for onboarded employees
>> Market insights on competitor retention strategies and industry leaders

Site Button - LogisticsOnboarding Logistics

>> Preparation of offer letters and onboarding paperwork
>> Paperwork support for visas, certifications, and security clearances
>> Relocation and travel assistance
>> Assistance for interview scheduling


Site Button - RetentionStrategy Solutions

>> Interviewing skills coaching for hiring managers
>> Search and evaluative methodologies customized to your needs