Why Clients Choose Blue Signal


  • 1 year candidate employment guarantee: Blue Signal’s contingency search agreement comes with a full year monthly pro-rated guarantee.
  • Cash-back, guaranteed results:  Blue Signal’s retained executive search agreements guarantee results or your money back.


  • Stopwatch24 hour turnaround: We guarantee a candidate submissions within 24 hours of the search initiation
  • 30 day search fulfillment: Blue Signal will produce and guarantee a qualified candidate on your team 30 days from the search commencement including
    • 1 week of sourcing
    • 1 week of interviewing
    • 2 weeks’ notice for the candidate to separate from their current employer.


  • Window to the process: All clients will receive a road map including dates, metrics, and milestones guaranteeing the completion of the search process in a fast but realistic timeline.
  • Candidate data and insights: clients receive all pertinent information on the candidate in a Candidate 12-Point, our uniform submittal process.

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  • Weekly target list and search update: clients receive weekly lists of all candidates in our network and status updates for where they are in the process.
  • Non disclosure agreement (Resume Release): candidates authorize a non disclosure agreement stating that they have not been contacted by our client or any other 3rd party working on the client’s behalf within the last 12 months.  They also authorize that everything remains confidential throughout the process.  See Confidentiality.

Industry specializations:















Niche focus: Our recruiters are experts in their field, allowing clients and candidates to deal with a specialist in the industry.  This also aids in the placement process for successful learning to matching the client company’s atmosphere, culture, and environment to the top performers who thrive in such conditions.