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Sr. Mechanical Engineer - Biomechanics

Las Vegas, NV
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Our client is a leading auto insurance provider that is committed to driver safety on the roads. They are hiring a Sr. Mechanical Engineer to understand the interaction between safety equipment and the human body during automotive impact. This engineer will specialize in evaluating the efficacy of automotive safety features and assessing injury cases to determine their cause, severity, and preventability in the future.

The Sr. Mechanical Engineer focuses on injury assessment and biomechanics. In this unique position, they seek to understand and explain the effects of automotive collisions on the human body. Their expertise helps insurers to understand risk factors, injury causation, and the role of safety equipment. But most importantly, it helps drivers to make better choices about vehicle safety.


This Role Offers:

  • Competitive base salary plus annual bonus. Benefits package includes medical, dental, vision, company 401(K) match, life & disability insurance, tuition reimbursement, and flexible hours.
  • Newly created position with heavy executive support and high level of funding.
  • Company will-fund industry certifications and advanced skills training.
  • Rewarding work that helps to identify injury causes and to improve driver safety.
  • Opportunity to serve as an expert witness in major legal cases.
  • Opportunity to contribute to scientific research and journal publications.
  • Company culture of promoting safety on the road and rewarding safe drivers.
  • Latest software and tools available for simulation, testing, injury assessment, and accident reconstruction.
  • Strong culture of mentorship and career advancement through training and promotions.



  • Gather evidence from a large pool of personal injury cases, evaluating the effects of weather, impact vectors, and vehicle speed to build a narrative of what occurred in an accident.
  • Intensively evaluate vehicle safety equipment and features from a biomechanical perspective.
  • Conduct simulations using digital and physical models to determine injury causation, interaction with safety equipment, and occupant kinematics.



  • 3+ years of relevant industry experience, such as: biomechanical research, R&D, insurance adjusting, biomedical engineering, biomechanical forensics, or safety testing.
  • Masters or PhD degree in biomechanical engineering, bioengineering, or a related field.
  • Proficiency in developing computer and physical models of automotive collisions.
  • Other certifications or publications are a strong plus.
  • Excellent problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

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